When it comes to search engines, it pays to be on top - literally. Luckily enough, the experienced SEO and SEM experts at Icreon can help you get there. The Softpalms approach to search engine marketing is simple: make it sustained, customized, and engaging.
Softpalms was one of the early movers in the world of SEO. Softpalms has some of the best SEO and SEM consultants who have over a decade of research and experience in search engine marketing techniques to improve your company’s search engine ranking. 
We will closely monitor your website’s performance in search engine results and we will continually optimize your website and adjust our search engine strategies to improve your website’s position in reference to your competitors. Softpalms SEO are analytical thinkers with a love for data and an eye for details - the details of your business. 
Rule the web

  • Analyzing competitors
  • Reviewing current website and ranking
  • Setting current benchmarks to measure progress
  • Research to prepare a list of target keyword phrases
  • Copywriting for search engine optimization
  • Optimizing title and description tags
  • Submitting websites to search engines and directories
  • Strategies to enable optimal linking
  • Reporting and tracking SEO results
  • Customizing a 404 Error page
  • Creating a site with multilingual or regional targets