Success in today's global marketplace lies in an intelligent division of labor - focus on your core competency and simply outsourcing the rest.

There is an imperative for businesses, in this changing world, to remain agile, informed, and up-to-date. At Softpalms, our expert IT consultants, developers, and programmers are constantly working with the newest of technologies, in order to give our clients that much needed edge. For most businesses, putting together such an experienced technological team of talented IT staff to meet their requirements would be logistically challenging and cost prohibitive. Hence, they reach out to Icreon.

Working with an outsourcing partner like Softpalms in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Angola, Dubai, the UK, or in the USA, enables your organization to assemble a qualified team of technical talent to suit your requirements, whether you need us in-house or just virtually. Outsourcing is a perfect way to sustain your workforce long term, while still accomplishing projects with seasonal spikes. Icreon offers outsourcing software solutions across several markets to enable businesses to keep up with constantly evolving technologies without the extra overhead. Icreon offers software development and outsourcing services that are unparalleled in the industry.