Onshore Offshore

The most successful projects today take advantage of the proximity of onshore with the scalability and labor arbitrage of offshore - to provide an onshore offshore development process that simply works.
Best of both worlds
Software applications today support organizations in a defining manner. Ensuring that these business-critical applications are built and deployed correctly is crucial. Organizations around the world are faced with the challenge of finding, hiring, and retaining expert technical talent including developers and programmers, where they are required to support their internal software application development processes with minimal training and ramp-up time. Whether you are looking for an offshore development partner to handle your offshore software development on a turnkey basis or to supplement your internal team with software developers and software programmers - the solution often lies in a combination of onshore and offshore development.

At Softpalms, we provide offshoring solutions including web application development, customized product or application development and mobile application development; our software solutions in India cover a range of industries including ecommerce, healthcare and media.
Our creative team team of designers backed by detail-oriented project managers, developers, and business consultants, facilitate our ability to undertake onshore software development and offshore software development of varying degrees of size and complexity. Our team of professional web programmers and developers includes PHP programmers, ASP .NET programmers, Java programmers and Objective C programmers, all who ensure the delivery of solutions that work for our clients.
Consider Pure Offshore when
• Software to be developed is 'enterprise class' and will require continuous versioning & feature enhancements
• Considering the rapid growth, release and re-release cycles and maintenance and support of software products
• You have access to IT Project Managers who can work closely to support and guide the offshore team in India
Consider Onshore and Offshore when
• Software requirements are to be gathered in the shortest possible time or difficult to gather or communicate remotely
• The nature of the software and its associated information is secure in its orientation and cannot 'leave' client premises
• Software development requires mandatory onsite training which needs to be continuously imparted.