Technical Consulting

Technology has a significant impact on all areas of a business. Consulting at Softpalms is the process of uncovering technology's role and unfolding it to define and empower your strategic direction of business forward.
Softpalms' consulting services can help identify areas for improving inefficiencies and  maximizing effectiveness to unleash growth possibilities. Consulting is the first step towards discovering your competitive edge and enabling a meaningful transformation. Softpalms' consultants and developers are driven towards helping you discover and leverage your technology differential.
Softpalms software consultants and software architects live at the intersection of business and technology. We work with you to get a better insight into your business - the data, the trends, and the patterns -  to uncover weaknesses, suggest improvements, and enable more-informed decision-making. Consulting at Softpalms is more than a service, from solutions architecture to road-mapping, from software adoption to change management, consulting for us is a methodology that governs the way we approach your projects.